Le Chansonier

The combination of flavors that the Chansonnier offers it’s rare and hard to find. The mix of French and Caribbean cuisine appears in every single one of its recipes. With a ludic decoration, the art and shadows play the main rolls and it seems to invite for a mystique an sensual date.

The service it´s composed by one of the most professional crews in Havana, who will make your visit unforgettable. The average prices go from 13.00 C.U.C to 23.00 C.U.C, and its menu complemented with a large cava.

This restaurant is,for many, the leader of the modern Cuban Cuisine and one of those places that we should visit at least once in our life.

Open Hours: 12:00m to 10:30pm. All days

Address: Calle J No. 257 entre Línea y 15

E:mail: le.chansonnier.restaurant @gmail.com

Phone: (537) 8321576