Fish/ Seafood

Puerto de Sagua

Nestled within walking distance of the Havana's Central Railway Station, Puerto de Sagua Bar & Restaurant invites you to enjoy its exquisite seafood dishes, continuing the tradition of this restaurant founded in 1945.


Nautilus offers Mediterranean and Italian cuisine with a specialty in seafood. Here you can enjoy excellent food and fine wines in a peaceful atmosphere.

Palacio de Valle

This restaurant, in the dazzling setting of the most famous building in town, features good quality fish and seafood, including lobster. The bar on the terrace has splendid view of the bay.

La Marina

This restaurant is located on the corner of Teniente Rey and Oficios, just a few steps away from the majestic St. Francis of Assisi's Basilica and the charming Old Square.


The restaurant is located alongside the wall surrounding the Parque Josone, on the corner of Calle 56. It is an old mansion where beef, fish and shellfish dishes are served beneath chandeliers.

La Casa de Al

This beautiful beachfront house dating from the 1920’s is now one of the best restaurants in Varadero. Legend says that well-known gangster Al Capone may have been the owner of this beach-house in the late 20’s, although a sign at the restaurant’s door states that he never actually lived there.


The most exclusive Cuba Gourmet.  Located at Marina Gaviota Varadero, this restaurant was built out over the ocean by designer Alexis Leyva Machado (Kcho). It can seat 300.

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