cuba recipes .org - Habitania Bar & Restaurant in Old Havana, Cuba

A welcome cocktail, a gazpacho and a flower for the ladies are the iconic gifts from the Habitania’s restaurant, a place full of elegance and refinement that offers Cuban and International cuisine.

Donde Lis

cuba recipes .org - Donde Lis, Bar & Restaurant in Old Havana, Cuba

When we are looking for place to eat, we are not just looking for excellence on the food or the drinks, we want to find a place where we can feel comfortable, relaxed and have a good time among friends or family.

El Biky

cuba recipes .org - El Biky restaurant in Central Havana, Cuba

Set on the corner of Infanta and San Lazaro, El Biky invites you to enjoy one of the most complete offer in the city.


cuba recipes .org - Elite restaurant in Miramar, Havana city

Elite, a private restaurant, is housed in one of Miramar’s magnificent buildings, one that was historically used a house for the super-rich in pre- Revolutionary times.


The people of Guanabacoa, Havana, have given the town a well-earned reputation for being a creative hub.

La Fuente

cuba recipes .org - La Fuente, a family restaurant in La Vibora, Havana city

Upon arriving at Acosta Ave. between 5th and 6th street in the 10 de Octubre area, one can not help but admire the architectural beauty of La Fuente, a family restaurant.


cuba recipes .org - BellaHabana restaurant in Miramar, Havana city

BellaHabana In Cuba, private taverns, coffee stalls, cafeterias, restaurants and other such eateries recently opened as a result of economic changes made by Raul Castro in 2008, these establishment

Casa Abel

Enjoy the unmistakable aroma and bouquet of a Cuban Cigars. Casa Abel invites you to intoxicate yourselves with the smells and flavors of its cuisine.

La Bonita

Small, modern space located on the crowded Galiano street. Tasty food Affordable prices and friendly service. Try La Bonita Pizza (Shrimp, ham, olives, peppers, sausages and onions).


Tapas Bar & Restaurant in Miramar. Espacios offers international cuisine with class, superb cocktails and good music. A special place to spend an evening with friends.

Los Mercaderes

cuba recipes .org - Los Mercaderes, the cuban and international cuisine in Old Havana, Cuba

Los Mercaderes restaurant, combines the ambiance of a typical colonial house with a wide variety of dishes ranging from the traditional Cuban cuisine to the international with a special emphasis on fresh seafood.


Excelent international food with very reasonable prices in a modern and homely atmosphere. Varied menu, superb service and outstanding location.

Otra Manera

A fresh and different cuisine in a really great ambiance with a modern décor. Good food (Try the Pork rack of ribs in honey) and excelent service. A beautiful place for a romantic dinner.

La Roca

cuba recipes .org - La Roca Restaurant

Opened in the 50's, this restaurant offers great cocktails at excellent prices in an art déco style setting with multi-coloured glass windows.

La Moraleja

cuba recipes .org - La Moraleja Restaurant

Nice place nestled in the courtyard of a beautiful house of El Vedado neighborhood, this restaurant is just a few steps away from the Tryp Habana Libre and Colina hotels.

La Terraza

Creole cuisine for very reasonable prices (< 5 CUC). Typical Cuban dishes, prepared with pork or chicken, rice and beans ("congris") and fried banana.

La Catedral

cuba recipes .org - La Catedral Bar & Restaurant in El Vedado, Havana city

Nice restaurant with a menu of high quality and affordable prices. Be sure to order the house specialty: Bishop’s Lasagna, prepared with shredded beef and olives.

Cafe Presidente

cuba recipes .org - Cafe Presidente Bar & Restaurant in El Vedado, Havana city

Cafe Presidente is located near the center of the nightlife in Havana. Elegance and exclusivity define this place where you will taste the best of Cuban, Italian and international cuisine.

El Balcon

There is a truth that is absolute: excellent food doesn’t make an excellent culinary experience. For this, many elements are involved: a warm ambiance, great food, attentive and friendly service, well designed and comfortable locations.

El Conejito

cuba recipes .org - El Conejito Restaurant

This restaurant is your best option if you want to eat rabbit in Havana. A good quality state run restaurant set in a 1960's redbrick exterior which belies a 17th-century Tudor mansion replica.

La Punta

This fortification at the entrance to the Bay of Baracoa was built in the 18th century to protect the city against attacks by corsairs and pirates, and it retains the architectural characteristics

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