Soups and Stews

Chicken Soup Cuban Style

cuba recipes .org - Chicken Soup Cuban Style

Simple, Easy to Make and Delicious, there's nothing better to fight the cold that a good homemade Cuban Chicken Soup (Sopa de Pollo), great for and appetizer or a meal.

Sopa de Ajo - Sopa de Ajo (Cuban Garlic soup)

Sopa de Ajo Cubana (Cuban Garlic soup) was inherited from the Spanish and Cubans have adapted it to their taste.

Red Beans Soup

cuba recipes .org - Frijoles Colorados (Cuban Red Beans Soup)

Who does not enjoy a good bowl of red beans "con todos los hierros" as people say in Cuba?

Black Beans or "Frijoles Negros"

cuba recipes .org - Black Beans or "Frijoles Negros"

Black beans or Frijoles Negros are a staple common to Cuban cooking.

Cuban Lentil soup (Potaje De Lentejas)

cuba recipes .org - Cuban Lentil soup

The traditional Cuban Lentil soup (Potaje De Lentejas) is thick and hearty.

White Bean Stew

cuba recipes .org -White Bean Stew

Each Cuban cook has a personal recipe for white bean stew (Potaje de Frijoles Blancos).

Cuban Corn Stew recipe

cuba - Cuban Corn Stew recipe

Between the rich black beans, roast pork and yucca with mojo, corn stew is one of the favorite Cuban dishes. If you want to experience the flavors of Cuban c

Tamal en Cazuela recipe

cuba recipes .org - Tamal en Cazuela recipe

The Tamale casserole is one of the favorite dishes of the traditional Cuban cuisine.

Cuban Munyeta Recipe

cuba recipes .org - Cuban Munyeta Recipe

Tasty bean recipe which we used to make in Cuba, it is made with navy beans (judias, as they are called in Cuba).

Chickpeas stew

cuba recipes .org - Chickpeas stew

Potaje de Garbanzos cuban style. This hearty soup can be served as a main dish, thick with chick-peas and accented with spanish sausages.

Cuban Plantain Soup

cuba recipes .org - Cuban Plantain Soup recipe

This very Cuban soup, is as its name implies, made from plantain, green plantain or specifically "macho" plantain.

Ajiaco Cubano

The most cuban of recipes, "rico" ajiaco cubano, see how to prepare.

Chicharos Recipe

cuba recipes .org - Chicharos Recipe (Cuban Split Pea Soup)

Chicharos Recipe (Cuban Split Pea Soup). This is one of the most popular recipe in Cuba.