Main Dishes

Cuban Beef and Potatoes

cuba recipes .org - Cuban Beef and Potatoes

This beef and potatoe stew (carne con papas) is another traditional and popular Cuban dish, with tender succulent meat and potatoes in a dense stew that will fill any appetite. Serve with white rice and enjoy!

Smoked Pork Loin in Sour Sauce

cuba recipes .org - Smoked Pork Loin in Sour Sauce

Learn how to prepare a smoked pork loin in sweet and sour sauce made with fruits and honey ... a treat!

Marinated and Grilled Pork Tenderloin

cuba recipes .org - Marinated and Grilled Pork Tenderloin

This is one of my favorites recipes. Lean, moist, and incredibly succulent, pork tenderloin is a proven crowd-pleaser, perfect for every occasion, from the family weekday dinner to an...

Albondigas (Cuban meatballs)

cuba recipes .org - Albondigas (Cuban meatballs)

When you think about the meatballs, you surely think about something Italian mixed with pasta. However, Cubans have their own version of the meatball (albondiga).

Charcoal-baked pork in mojo criollo with dried fruits

cuba recipes .org - Charcoal-baked pork in mojo criollo with dried fruits

This is a typical Cuban cuisine recipe (Cerdo asado al carbón) fused with the modern and minimalist-style type of food. Excellent author's cuisine, try it!

Cuban Pork steak

cuba recipes .org - Cuban Pork steak

Delight your family with this simple and delicious recipe for the most traditional Cuban cuisine.

Chicken in Garlic and Wine Sauce - Chicken in Garlic and Wine Sauce

Chicken in Garlic and Wine Sauce (Pollo al Ajillo) is a typical Cuban variation of cooking chicken.

Cuban Style Pork with Papaya Mango Salsa

cuba recipes .org - Cuban Style Pork with Papaya Mango Salsa

Try and taste this easy-to-follow Cuban recipe, for a family dinner or just group of friends. See this great recipe here!!!

Roast Pork (Cuban Lechon Asado)

cuba recipes .org - Roast Pork (Cuban Lechon Asado)

This is a Cuban classic dish, found in a typical Cuban party!

Cuban Roasted Chicken

cuba recipes .org - Cuban Roasted Chicken

Pollo Asado, also known as “roasted chicken,” is one of cubans favorite meals.

Vaca Frita recipe

cuba recipes .org - Vaca Frita recipe

This recipe for vaca frita ("fried cow") is a close cousin of Cuba's famous ropa vieja, stewed shredded beef in tomato sauce.

Papas Rellenas (Cuban Stuffed Potato)

cuba - Papas Rellenas (Cuban Stuffed Potato)

The Fried Stuffed Potatoes (Papas Rellenas) is a very popular Cuban dish, and great for lunch or dinner.  Go ahead with it!!!

Cuban Spiced Pork Chops

cuba recipes .org - Cuban Spiced Pork Chops

This is the perfect recipe for those who love the flavors of a classic Cuban pork roast but are cooking in small quantities.

Cuban Chicken Fricassee

cuba recipes .org - Cuban Chicken Fricassee

The Fricasé de Pollo a la Cubana (Chicken Fricassee) is one of the most popular Cuban dish, that includes chicken and potatoes cooked in tom

Cuban Meat Sauce

cuba recipes .org - Cuban Meat Sauce recipe

Picadillo is Cuban-style hash and a favorite meal of most Cubans.

Shredded Beef

cuba recipes .org - Shredded Beef recipe

This recipe, Shredded Beef (Ropa Vieja) is a classic Cuban dish, and one of the most popular.

Oxtail Stew

Actually "Rabo Encendido" (literally means Lit Tail) is more of a stew than a soup, at least the Cuban version, and there are as many versions as there are C